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Community Education


The University Center Gaylord offers a wide variety of community education classes for youth and adults who wish to expand their learning and skills through non-college credit courses that are available throughout the year. Course offerings have included Computer classes...Beginner, Word, EXCEL, Powerpoint, Quickbooks, Foreign Languages, Photography, Dog obedience training, Financial topics, Summer adventure classes for kids and More!

Interested in a particular subject for life long learning??  Let us know by calling 989 705 3700.


Select from the following



Essential Oils 101

Join us for a fun afternoon of learning about essential oils, their traditional uses and properties. 

Class/Event Code:  EOW15
When:  From 03/21/2015 through 03/21/2015
Days:  Saturday
Times:  1:00pm-3:00pm
Location:  University Center Gaylord
Cost:   Starting at: $8.00

Intro to Addiction and the Recovery Process

This 3 part seminar covers the stages and characteristics of addiction: its course of development, prevalence of the disease including its genetic component, brain chemistry, and treatment strategies.  This is an introductory seminar designed to accommodate the layperson in the study of addiction and the recover process. The informative lecture series will include group discussions and additional time allotted for Q & A.  While the cost includes 3 separate meeting dates, participants may attend any or all of the series topics. NOTE: The last class will meet 3/26 and there will not be class on 3/19.

Class/Event Code:  ARW15
When:  From 03/05/2015 through 03/26/2015
Days:  3 Thursdays
Times:  5:30pm-7:00pm
Location:  University Center Gaylord
Cost:   Starting at: $45.00

Personal Finance

A Better Retirement Through Charitable Giving

Do you know there are numerous ways to increase your retirement income and reduce taxes by simply making a charitable contribution to your favorite charity?  This seminar reviews your options, and which strategies that can meet your needs.

Class/Event Code:  FMW15
When:  From 02/28/2015 through 02/28/2015
Days:  Saturday
Times:  10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location:  University Center Gaylord
Cost:   No Charge

Graphic Arts

Digital Photography

The objective of this class is to maximize the use of your camera controls to produce the best possible images. This class will cover a thorough review and demonstration of camera controls, learning and using storage devices for digital images, developing a compositional method, viewing images that illustrate strong compositional technique, image capture outdoors in the Gaylord area, examination of your images for compositional effectiveness, and storing "master files" on different devices.

Class/Event Code:  GAPW15
When:  From 03/07/2015 through 03/28/2015
Days:  4 Saturdays
Times:  9:30 am - 11:30 am
Location:  University Center Gaylord
Cost:   Starting at: $120.00


Dog Obedience Winter 2015

Having a well-trained dog means less stress in your life. It also means less stress in your dog’s life. Proper training channels your dog’s energy into appropriate behavior, and has a calming effect on most dogs. Your dog will become more integrated into your household life because their disruptive tendencies will be minimized. The small amount of time spent training your dog is rewarded with a lifetime of loyalty and companionship. There is nothing more satisfying and heartwarming than the bond that grows between the trainer and their pet. You will be amazed how quickly your dog responds to proper training.

Class/Event Code:  RWW15
When:  From 02/24/2015 through 03/31/2015
Days:  7 Tuesdays
Times:  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location:  TBD
Cost:   Starting at: $75.00

Foreign Language

Conversational American Sign Language

This class is a basic introduction to American Sign Language (ASL).  It will be an interactive class where students will learn ASL and practice through a variety of games and activities.  No prior knowledge required!

Class/Event Code:  ASLW15
When:  From 03/11/2015 through 04/29/2015
Days:  Wednesday
Times:  6:00pm-8:00pm
Location:  University Center Gaylord
Cost:   Starting at: $40.00

Art, Music & Communication

Dale Carnegie Course

About the Course: Dale Carnegie 12 week training course is a proven time-phased program to enhance communication skills, increase positive attitudes and confidence, and offer other added personal/professional benefits.  The Dale Carnegie program is over 100 years old with proven success for participants.  Attendance and satisfactory participation in a minimum of 10 sessions earn 4.2 validated CN-CEU's.  The American Council on Education recognizes this program and recommends 3 lower baccalaureate credit hours in Oral Communication. The program cost is $1695, and Group Discounts are available! Contact Instructor Rick Peterson to learn more. Registration: To Register, contact Instructor Rick Peterson directly at  

Class/Event Code:  DC15
When:  From 03/12/2015 through 05/28/2015
Days:  12 Thursdays
Times:  5:00pm-8:30pm
Location:  University Center Gaylord
Cost:   Starting at: $1,695.00


Terms and Conditions

All Community Education classes are taught by independent instructors who have chosen the dates, class size and cost.

Refund Policy: A full refund will be permitted if cancellation is received at least one full week prior to initial class date or if the class is cancelled. To cancel your registration, please call the University Center Gaylord office at 989-705-3700.

Credit Card Payments:  Credit cards will be charged at time of registration. In the event the class you have registered for is cancelled, your credit card will be credited.

Pay by Check:  If paying by check, University Center Gaylord must receive full payment one week prior to the date the class begins. If payment has not been received, you may be dropped from the class. In the event the class is cancelled, a check will be sent to you.

Please send to:

University Center Gaylord
Attn: Community Education
80 Livingston Blvd.
Gaylord, MI 49735

To insure timely updates and information pertaining to your class, please make sure your email address is accurate and active.