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Community Education


The University Center Gaylord offers a wide variety of community education classes for youth and adults who wish to expand their learning and skills through non-college credit courses that are available throughout the year. Course offerings have included Computer classes...Beginner, Word, EXCEL, Powerpoint, Quickbooks, Foreign Languages, Photography, Dog obedience training, Financial topics, Summer adventure classes for kids and More!

Interested in a particular subject for life long learning??  Let us know by calling 989 705 3700.


Select from the following



Go From Shabby to Shabby Chic!

Beyond Paint - Flea Market Makeover - Go From Shabby to Shabby Chic! This class is for beginners.  Learn the basics of how to transform 'gently used' old items of furniture into a brand new look.  Pick up tips, techniques and pointers from a voice of experience who learned by trial and error!

Class/Event Code:  SCF15
When:  From 11/04/2015 through 11/04/2015
Days:  Wednesday
Times:  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Duration:  2 hours
Location:  University Center Gaylord


Dog Obedience Fall 2015

Having a well-trained dog means less stress in your life. It also means less stress in your dog’s life. Proper training channels your dog’s energy into appropriate behavior, and has a calming effect on most dogs. Your dog will become more integrated into your household life because their disruptive tendencies will be minimized. The small amount of time spent training your dog is rewarded with a lifetime of loyalty and companionship. There is nothing more satisfying and heartwarming than the bond that grows between the trainer and their pet. You will be amazed how quickly your dog responds to proper training.

Class/Event Code:  DOF15
When:  From 09/21/2015 through 11/02/2015
Days:  7 Mondays
Times:  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Duration:  2 hours
Location:  TBD

Foreign Language

Polish: Intermediate-Fall 2015

This course will help the students further develop their reading abilities. Brief writing exercises, focusing on basic grammar, will be part of each class. The goal of this course will be the development of beginning conversation and writing skills. The course includes Polish culture, history, and includes cinema and cooking.

Class/Event Code:  PIF15
When:  From 09/16/2015 through 11/25/2015
Days:  11 Wednesdays
Times:  6:30pm
Location:  St Mary Cathedral

Polish: Advanced-Fall 2015

This course will present reading material for comprehension and act as a basis for developing conversational skills and a knowledge of grammar. Topics for study will include Polish history and culture.

Class/Event Code:  PAF15
Days:  11 Mondays
Times:  6:30 p.m.
Location:  St Mary Cathedral

Art, Music & Communication

Decorative Pallet Signs

In this class, participants will learn how to design decorative pallets signs for home, or for gift giving.

Class/Event Code:  DPSF15
When:  From 11/14/2015 through 11/14/2015
Days:  Saturday
Times:  Noon-3:00pm
Duration:  3 hours
Location:  University Center Gaylord


Terms and Conditions

All Community Education classes are taught by independent instructors who have chosen the dates, class size and cost.

Refund Policy: A full refund will be permitted if cancellation is received at least one full week prior to initial class date or if the class is cancelled. To cancel your registration, please call the University Center Gaylord office at 989-705-3700.

Credit Card Payments:  Credit cards will be charged at time of registration. In the event the class you have registered for is cancelled, your credit card will be credited.

Pay by Check:  If paying by check, University Center Gaylord must receive full payment one week prior to the date the class begins. If payment has not been received, you may be dropped from the class. In the event the class is cancelled, a check will be sent to you.

Please send to:

University Center Gaylord
Attn: Community Education
80 Livingston Blvd.
Gaylord, MI 49735

To insure timely updates and information pertaining to your class, please make sure your email address is accurate and active.